DOC / FEST ‘Whores Glory’





We women are actually very unhappy creatures . . . . Isn’t there another path for us? Is there a path at all?’

I chose Whores Glory for its many layers; and its disturbing, yet captivating nature. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first pressed ‘play’, but as the documentary progressed, it dove deep into a dark world of women sacrificing their bodies to survive. Although the circumstances of each woman differed across the globe, I couldn’t help but feel that they are all trapped in the same place, masking their misery with make-up. Be it Thailand where working girls socialise in a glass cage, while lurking sex tourists select them as if they were items on a menu; or India with it’s dingy cramped hallways lined with child prostitutes.

Whores Glory is an eye opening documentary offering an insight into a desperate, complex industry prevalent in all corners of the world. It was difficult and uncomfortable to watch, but it opened my eyes and mind in ways I didn’t expect.

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