Dreamers pt4

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Promotional advertisement painted at House Skatepark Sheffield for Worm, an epic new slow motion app giving you the ability to create, share and view your very own amazing slow motion video content.

Download free from Apple Store and Google Play. Check WORM for further details.

I Saw Dysfunction In Your Rhythm

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I Saw Dysfunction In Your Rhythm

A snapshot in time; lifes waves echo so effortless without emotion, the beautiful and intriguing creature. A small scene, a speck of sand in a dense ocean holds such tragedy and loss, to bury memory so deep it won’t be forgotten, the heartbreak of loosing someone you love. Lifes dance majestically glides by, but, I Saw Dysfunction In Your Rhythm.

/ A1 Digital Print 594 x 841 mm
/ Signed and Limited at 25
/ 260gsm Matte Thick Stock

Available to purchase here

A Month Of Mila

A Month Of Mila

A self initiated project to refresh and progress my illustration style and technique. Each day for a month I aimed to spend an hour or two sketching. Initially on paper this sounds really easy but life has a habit of presenting obstacles before you’ve even started.

I hope these inspire others to try for themselves as after completing the month I’ve learned things about myself and how to progress as an artist.  That is you’ll never create a piece of artwork you’re happy with each time, to grow you need to be able to accept that not every illustration is going to be as clean, or efficiently presented as you’d hoped. As long as you have created something which is new or exciting to your portfolio of work it doesn’t need to be finalised to perfection, it can be rough as long as you’ve followed it through to the end.

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For the full set please follow the link here and here

Mila K / Rocket01 [ The Wildlife Trusts ]

Spaceman Sheffield

A promotional video filmed in September 2014 for SPACEMAN Sheffield, featuring street artist Rocket 01 & Mila K painting The Wildlife Trusts depot, Sheffield.

Artwork – Rocket 01 Mila K
Video – Arcadia Film
Music – Paul White ‘Minus’

www.rocket01.co.uk www.milak.co.uk

I Saw Dysfunction In Your Rhythm

6.7.16_I've Seen Dysfunction In Your Rhythm - 6.7.16
Graff Spiral

Artwork as part of The Graff Spiral, an exposition celebrating the dynamic street art of Sheffield. It is a substantial painted, sculptural installation, the structure designed by students from the department of Structural Engineering at the University of Sheffield, under the guidance of Professor Rachel Horn, local sculptor Anthony Bennett, structural engineers ARUP, who have been providing support to the teams, advising on practical forms of construction and fundamental design principles, and Street artist Mila K. Five groups of 6 students competed to design a structure which could be manufactured easily by volunteers, to a tight budget, which would be structurally sound, and which would optimise surface area to facilitate graffiti art. Curated by Mila K, nine of the most exciting up and coming Sheffield street artists; Jim McElvaney, Eugene Booms, Marcus Method, Trik09, Nazusk, Mila K, Rob Lee, Mikk Murray, and Aliss Curtis will create a symbolic collaborative artwork evoking the spirit of resurgence, vitality, creativity and optimism for the community of Hillsborough.

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